With so many Fabric protectors or fabric guards on the market, 

When we purchase new furniture or a new rug or curtains we have the opportunity to guard against wear and tear of of the fibres to ensure they look new for as long as possible and the colours stay vibrant.

However, not all fabric protectors are made equal, and in fact there are many that will damage the fibres, wear off quickly or need frequent re-application.

Our 1st infographic outlines the 4 wear and tear concerns for fabric protection, or fabric guard, and how Fibre Protector stands up against other products.

Stain Protection

Fiber Protector®

Other Products

FIber ProTector® creates an invisible shield against oil and water-based stain causing liquids and soil types. It even provides a reduction in damage causing UV exposure. Other protection products provide a basic level of protection from some oil and water-based liquids. Few protection products have any UV protection qualities at all.

Long Life

Fiber Protector®

Other Products

Fiber ProTector’s nanotechnology-based formula makes a penetrating bond. Although no protection product will last forever, Fiber ProTector® will provide superior protecting performance for many years and will survive many professional cleanings. Traditional surface barrier protection products can be removed easily by normal wear and professional cleanings. These topical treatments will need reapplication every 6 to 12 months or after professional or DIY cleanings.

No Silicon

Fiber Protector®

Other Products

Fiber ProTectors® proprietary formula contains no Silicone. Never has…never will! Many well-known protection products contain Silicone. Silicone has been known to cause a yellowing effect to some fibers and as it breaks down, actually becomes a soil attractant and voids most textile manufacturers warranties.

Fiber Wear

Fiber Protector®

Other Products

Fiber ProTector® reduces surface tension. This prevents damage causing particles from attaching to fibers and reduces fiber to fiber contact which leads to fiber wear. Other protection products provide time limited protection and will need more frequent reapplications for long term performance. Every 6 to 12 months or after professional or DIY cleanings.

Fabric Protection in NZ

Not all fabric protectors are made equal, effective or safe. Premium Surface Protection products, Fiber ProTector and MicroSeal, are the safest, most effective furniture protection solutions in the world.

Premium Surface Protection NZ fabric protection Fiber Protector

Premium Surface Protection have a national list of qualified applicators who use Fiber ProTector and MicroSeal protection solutions.
Just contact us for an Applicator nearest you home or business.

  Premium Surface Protection NZ & Fiber Protector


Hiring a Professional Applicator

If you have small jobs at home or in the office, we have a Online Shop, and Fiber Protector is the product you need. As a guide, for a basic 2 Seater sofa, you will need 3-5 cans.

If you have several sofas, cushions and upholstered dining chairs and would like a Professional Applicator to attend to your premises, then please fill out Request a Quote form – and we will be in touch.

Great quality product, and amazing service from Brad and the Microseal team. Our customers love that its non-toxic and environmentally friendly. We have successfully been using Microseal for 5 years, and highly recommend using them and this product. –  Jeremy Dunlop

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