Can I keep my leather car seats looking like new?


The answer is ‘yes, absolutely’! Using a leather protector on your brand new leather car seats is absolutely necessary given the constant daily use they will get, and the exposure to dirt, grime and continual rubbing from clothes.

A leather protector for your car seats will ensure stains do not ruin the leather and will also protect them from sun damage. In one product application your beautiful leather car seats will stay looking new for longer and stain free – extending the value of your vehicle.

Car Leather protection with MicroSeal_Premium Surface Protection

The process to protect the leather interior of high end cars takes our Professional Applicators around 45 minutes to complete. The car can then be used, ie someone sitting on the leather seats, after 2 hours.
The long term values of having the leather seats of your car protected are:

  • makes the seats easier to clean
  • protects the integrity of the leather
  • time between moisturizing the leather can be extended

in short – the leather will keep it’s new look for a whole lot longer, and therefore the value of the car will be maintained.

Brad Tyrell

Managing Director, Premium Surface Protection

What sort of stains can I protect my leather car seats from?

Premium Leather Protection for Car Seats

Car seats really take a beating every time we go for a drive. Everyone gets in their car differently – some slide in and out, some jump in, some crawl in, and some gently ‘plonk’ themselves in.

Premium Leather Protection's Pug

Of course, how we use our car seats depend on our age, whether we are in a hurry or not, and whether we have 2 or 4 legs!



Whatever the scenario, a leather protector will help protect your leather car seats from coffee splashes, smeared chocolate from little fingers, mud from your 4-legged furbaby and the sun. A professional protector then helps maintain the integrity of the leather and makes cleaning and maintaining much easier. 



What is the best way to protect leather car seats?

To protect leather car seats, and because you are in an enclosed space, you need to be assured that the products that have been used to protect your leather interior meet the following criteria:

1. are certified

2. do not compromise (discolour) the colour or surface of the leather

3. are non-toxic

4. are non allergenic, and

5. environmentally safe

The Premium Surface Protection products, MicroSeal and Fiber Protector tick all the boxes. 


→ they carry up to date certification and

→ have been thoroughly tested

cleanseal egt

MicroSeal By Premium Surface Protection NZ

Can I hire a Professional Applicator Company to provide the leather protection?

We have Professional Applicators around the country.

Please fill out Request a Quote form – and we will be in touch with the closest Applicator to your home or business.