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Protection services for rugs, carpets, upholstery and curtains.

Looking for fibre / fabric protection within the home or for office furnishings? 

Whether a designer is fitting out a beautiful hotel, a floor of offices or a magnificent cruise ship – all and any gorgeous fabrics and delicate fibres that are on the designer’s schedule should be considered to be protected by PSP products.
PSP endorsed products use nanotechnology to protect individual fibres at a molecular level. Expensive furnishings and floor coverings not only last longer but are protected from built up grime, accidental spills, heavy traffic, sun and fire damage.

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Protecting the beauty, colour & life of your furnishings.


gorgeous materials for blinds and curtains


stunning fabrics, leather and suede for upholstery and cushions


lush rugs and carpets


rich heavy theatre drapes


suede and smooth leather finished furnishings


wooden furniture