FAQs for Fire Retardant –
Fire Defender

Do you sell Flame Retardants ready to use?

Yes we do.

It is available in 1 litre spray applicators and 5 litre bottles. To purchase online CLICK HERE to order.

Can you treat my items in situ?

Yes we can, and we will provide a certificate of application, CLICK HERE to submit an enquiry for a quotation.

I need FR certification to the building code for my fabrics, can you help with this?

Yes we can.

Firstly we will need a sample of the fabrics to be tested (we will let you know how much fabric is required, depending on what testing and certification is required).

Tests will take approx. 15 working days and are carried out by AWTA in Melbourne. An express service is available for a 50% cost premium and half the turn around time.

How do I know which test report I need for my project?

The best way is to ask the person who will be certifying or signing off on your project, this covers all bases.

CLICK HERE for a quick reference guide as to what we think should be done for your specific project.

How much product will I need?

1 litre of FR product will treat 12 square meters of fabric.

Can I send you a roll of fabric or my items to be treated with FR?

Yes we can treat Fabric on the roll, Rugs or other items at our facility on the Auckland.

Turn around time for treatment depends on current work load and the size of your order.


Is there a cost for this service?

Yes, other than the relevant testing costs, we have a $200 charge which covers application of FR to the samples and freight for testing.

Do you have any reference material regarding testing and requirements in New Zealand?

Yes, CLICK HERE to view the AWTA Building Brochure.

CLICK HERE to view and download a guide to testing pricing.