Non-Toxic – Non-Allergenic – Sun Fade Resistant

MicroSeal of New Zealand is a professional, full-service textile sealing company. Specializing in MicroSeal – a non-toxic, non-allergenic fabric protection formula for permanent stain and helps reduce sun fade. MicroSeal’s goal is not just to protect your assets, but to build a long-term relationship with our customers by providing the most outstanding service experience you’ve ever had. We take pride in our reputation,  experience, education, systems, and guarantee.

MicroSeal provides permanent fibre protection, this is key in prolonging the lifetime of your textile. All textiles’ natural or synthetic benefit  from the application of this unique product. MicroSeal dramatically increases the life of all Furniture, Carpets & Rugs. MicroSeal Permanent Fabric Protection has been used for over 30 years  worldwide. Originally developed by researchers in London, England to  imitate the natural protection of sheep’s wool, its unique formula  requires a perfect balance of high grade ingredients along with a  trained and practiced manufacturing process.

Internationally recognized companies have unsuccessfully thrown millions of dollars and decades of research into an effort to produce a fabric protection that is effective and yet is not hazardous to the environment. Today, only the MicroSeal secret formula that is created in a state of the art, carbon-free, USA facility, can boast this success.

Premium Surface Protection MicroSeal fabric and rug protection

The MicroSeal secret  formula was originally developed many years ago by researchers in  London, England.  Just like Coca-Cola, a deliberate decision was made to keep the  formula a trade secret rather than file a patent that could be partially copied or obtained upon its expiration. This unique formula requires a perfect blend and balance of high grade raw ingredients combined with a trained and practiced manufacturing process that would be nearly impossible to reverse engineer.

Environmentally Friendly

MicroSeal is a safe product for your family, home and environment. It has been  recognized by the EPA as safe. The non-toxic and non-allergenic formula is safe for any residential or commercial project, but it is also biodegradable and environmentally friendly. MicroSeal is waterless, therefore cannot shrink or discolour surfaces. It  actually helps strengthen fibers while remaining odourless and colourless. It can also be applied to soiled fabrics, as the formula will  not lock in dirt.


Treated fibers are up to 60% more resistant to wear and abrasion. This “wear resistance”  promotes longer fabric life and less frequent replacement.

The MicroSeal formula can  be used on virtually every type of fibrous material including wool, cotton, nylon, polyester blends, silk, natural suede, synthetic suede  and even smooth finished leather. The MicroSeal formula is not effective on vinyl.

Resists Soiling and Staining

With the protection provided by MicroSeal, soil remains on the fiber surface. This allows for easier, faster and more efficient cleaning thus reducing labour and cleaning costs. MicroSeal also reduces sun fading, mildew, static  electricity, smoke density and flame spread.


MicroSeal was specifically and expressly designed in England many years ago to permanently  replenish the natural protective agent that a sheep produces for its  own coat. In addition to wear and stain protection, MicroSeal provides substantial sun fade resistance for the wool.

Without MicroSeal, soil is naturally absorbed into the centre of the wool fibre, hiding the dirt from the naked eye. Often consumers don’t realize their rug is dirty because they can’t see it. Unlike a typical fabric protector that only “coats” the fibre and then breaks up easily, MicroSeal penetrates the wool fibre to its inner cortex and protects it from the inside out. Not only from permanent stains and wear, but also from sun fade damage.


A simple bead test of a coater solution (fluorochems or PTFE Resin) vs. MicroSeal (a penetrator)  will sometimes result in the “apparent superiority of the coater.”  This is because the coater will cover more of the space between the  fibers while MicroSealwill penetrate and seal the individual fibers. Further testing  simulating wear (manipulating the fabric, rubbing it, cleaning it,  etc.) will result in the coater quickly breaking up and permanent  stains on the fibers occurring thereafter. Even ordinary dirt can be  difficult to vacuum because the broken coater material “hangs on”  to the dirt.

The MicroSeal will not  break up, wear off, or clean off and will continue to protect the  fibers from permanent stains and sun fading for many years.