Childproofing Your Furnishings

In the world of high-end interior design, where luxury knows no bounds, the challenge emerges when elegance meets the demands of parenthood and pet ownership. Spills, stains, and daily life take centre stage. At Premium Surface Protection, we’ve taken up the mantle of reshaping the narrative.

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Elevating Luxury Living at The Residences

Located in the heart of downtown Auckland, The Residences, formerly known as the Stamford Residences, has undergone a remarkable transformation in 2022. Designed by the award-winning Peddle Thorp Architects, this 23-story glass tower now stands as a testament to opulence and sophistication.

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Contemporary Meets Industrial – a Commercial Project

“First impressions matter, and our new office entrance is sure to leave a lasting one.” With these words, HPA Group, a leading force in Auckland’s architectural landscape, sets the stage for a magnificent collaboration with the renowned interior designer Natasha Bozic of Designns.

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