Elevating Luxury Living at The Residences

“The aim was to create a luxurious living experience by transforming the interiors with high-end furniture and lighting from renowned European manufacturers.”


Nestled in the heart of Auckland’s bustling downtown, The Residences, formerly known as the Stamford Residences, have undergone a breathtaking metamorphosis in the year 2022. Envisioned by the celebrated architects at Peddle Thorp, this majestic 23-story glass tower now stands as an unrivaled testament to opulence and sophistication. Comprising 149 premium freehold apartments, including an exclusive upper echelon graced by the esteemed JW Marriott Hotel, The Residences have, indeed, become an enduring emblem of luxury living.


At the helm of this transformation stands the illustrious Sarsfield Brooke.

Established in 1998, Sarsfield Brooke Ltd stands as a pioneering importer and wholesaler of furniture, lighting, and artwork, catering to discerning design professionals within New Zealand. For this ambitious project, they assumed the role of design visionaries, curating a space where form, function, and beauty harmoniously converge.

As any connoisseur of luxury knows, it’s an investment to look truly amazing, and it’s only right that such an impression should last. Sarsfield Brooke understood this implicitly, their mission was clear: to protect and enhance the allure of this prestigious address, valuing the essence of rebranding and refurbishing with the finest European furniture. Each piece, sourced from distinguished European manufacturers like Giulio Marelli, Antonangeli, Bullfrog, Midj, and Reflex, was chosen not just for its immediate aesthetic impact, but for its enduring quality.


Sarsfield Brooke’s partnership with Premium Surface Protection, is not just about a shield against wear and tear; it’s a testament to their commitment to preserving the longevity of luxury.


HPA_Premium Surface Protection
HPA_Premium Surface Protection
The why: ensuring that the first impression of opulence that greets residents and guests in the lobby persists, day after day, year after year. Every hallway, every corner, tells a story through art and design, a story that deserves to be preserved for future generations.

Even the elevator landings, usually mere transitory spaces, have been transformed into artful niches, designed to elevate the everyday. Each piece of carefully curated artwork is not just a visual delight; it’s a statement of lasting elegance.

At The Residences, it’s not just about the ‘what’ of luxury living; it’s about the ‘why.’ Valuing rebranding and refurbishing with high-end furniture from European manufacturers is about making an investment that stands the test of time.

It’s about recognising that it costs to look amazing, and taking steps to ensure that the impression lasts, long after the first glance.

Premium Surface Protection


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