Contemporary Meets Industrial – a Commercial Project

“First impressions matter, and our new office entrance is sure to leave a lasting one.”

With these words, HPA Group, a leading force in Auckland’s architectural landscape, sets the stage for a magnificent collaboration with the renowned interior designer Natasha Bozic of Designns. In a seamless fusion of contemporary aesthetics and industrial charm, Bozic has successfully breathed life into HPA’s new workspace, redefining the notion of commercial interior design.

The juxtaposition of sleek modern elements with raw industrial features transports visitors

and employees alike into a world where functionality and beauty intertwine.


Bozic’s dedication to excellence extends beyond visual appeal, as she understands the practicality of commercial design. HPA’s office, a bustling hub of activity, and their need for Premium Fibre Protection, became apparent to Bozic quickly.

The day-to-day activities in a commercial setting pose unique challenges, but with the incorporation of Premium Fibre Protection, HPA Group’s new office is well-equipped to handle them all with grace.

This thoughtful choice speaks to Bozic’s commitment to quality and longevity.


Premium Fibre Protection stands as a testament to the ethos of excellence evident in every aspect of this collaboration.


HPA_Premium Surface Protection
HPA_Premium Surface Protection

The protection it provides ensures that the carefully curated textiles and fabrics used in the office remain pristine and resistant to wear.


From plush upholstery to luxurious rugs, Bozic has handpicked each element with utmost care, and Premium Fibre Protection safeguards these investments from potential stains and damage.


Natasha Bozic knows first impression matter…


Premium Surface Protection


Premium Surface Protection_HPA Group and Natasha Bozic_styling_600_800

Fabric Protector NZ

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Really appreciate it, what excellent feedback!”

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