What are the financial and environmental sustainability benefits associated with protecting fabric and carpet in a commercial setting?

In light of the escalating expenses associated with clean water, cleaning chemicals, labor, and the disposal of excessive wastewater, our investigation focused on evaluating the potential of Fiber ProTector treatment for all furnishings. Our goal was to determine if this approach could effectively mitigate these costs and establish sustainability within the market for cleaning commercial and residential interior textiles.


Our objective was to promote sustainability in the commercial and residential interior textile cleaning industry by minimizing the usage of clean water, cleaning chemicals, labor costs, and the release of detergent-laden excessive wastewater into drainage systems and the environment. We aimed to achieve this by treating these textiles with the eco-friendly Fiber ProTector, a protective solution designed for fabrics, rugs, carpets, leather, and other textiles.

Our research focused on evaluating the effectiveness of using a system like Fiber ProTector in demanding, high-traffic environments. We sought to determine if its efficacy in such settings would translate to equally impressive results in the residential market, particularly for high-end textile products.

The cleanliness of soft furnishings and floor coverings, including rugs and carpets, significantly impacts the satisfaction, health, and comfort of occupants. Maintaining a pristine and stain-free appearance for interior and outdoor furnishings is of utmost importance to homeowners and commercial property owners, but it often requires considerable time and expense.


Fiber ProTector conducted a comprehensive test program to showcase the efficacy of their fabric and rug protector on a commercial carpet located in high-traffic areas. The specific test site chosen was a 10-meter-wide corridor within a large educational facility, where approximately 10,000 individuals walked daily.


  • carpets vacuumed and evaluated daily
  • cleaning performed when carpets reached a degree of soiling indicated by a predetermined grey scale
  • cleaning and re-treatment with Fiber ProTector performed by trained staff, using the hot water extraction process.

Each evaluation consisted of a set of three samples, untreated carpet, carpet only initially treated with Fiber ProTector and carpet treated initially with Fiber ProTector then retreated following each cleaning cycle.


The summary from the Report Data is:

✔ The time period between cleaning cycles is increased by 2.5 times for initially treated sample areas and an amazing 6 times longer for sample areas treated after each cleaning cycle compared to untreated sample areas!

✔ 30 to 75% reduction in total cleaning needs for treated carpets over the test period

✔ 70 to 88% reduction in total cleaning needs for repeatedly treated sample areas over the test period

This means not only does the carpet maintain a clean appearance for a longer period, but also overall cleaning costs can be reduced appreciably – up to 88%!

You can use this Calculator Example to see an actual cost saving example in a Hotel environment, through the massive reduction in water chemical and labour costs and the reduced down time of a facility. The cost benefit of treating textiles, either furnishings or floor coverings with Fiber ProTector is amazing!

Fiber ProTector is the most effective and environmentally friendly fabric protection in the world!

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– Brad Tyrrell, Managing Director

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