Nothing Like Diamonds For Christmas

“Our beautiful showroom interior is an architectural mix of masculine and feminine, with the elegance of our fine jewellery being offset by stunning concrete and glass elements, making a visit to our showroom a unique and memorable experience.

The Diamond Shop 


Nestled in the heart of Ponsonby, Auckland, The Diamond Shop stands as a beacon of opulence, where every gleaming gem tells a story of timeless elegance. Recently, as The Diamond Shop prepared to unveil its new store, a meticulous decision was made beyond diamonds – the careful preservation of the entire ambiance, from the bespoke sofas to the exquisite cushions. In the pursuit of safeguarding luxury beyond diamonds, The Diamond Shop turned to Premium Surface Protection.

In the realm of diamonds, perfection is paramount, and it extends to every facet of The Diamond Shop’s experience.


Why would a high-end Diamond Shop choose PSP for such a delicate mission?

In an environment where every facet must reflect brilliance, The Diamond Shop understands the imperative of not just protecting diamonds but also the ambiance that cradles them. Diamonds, with their timeless allure, deserve surroundings that mirror their enduring beauty. Thus, the choice to engage PSP was a seamless extension of a commitment to excellence.

The PSP Touch

As craftsmen of refined environments, we brought our expertise to Ponsonby. Our protective shield became an invisible guardian, forming an imperceptible barrier against life’s unpredictable moments. From spills of celebratory champagne to the caress of gentle hands admiring the brilliance of diamonds, the surfaces embrace moments without a trace.

A Symphony of Protection and Aesthetics


HPA_Premium Surface Protection
HPA_Premium Surface Protection

Much like the facets of a diamond, each piece of furniture in The Diamond Shop is unique, with its own story to tell. PSP’s approach mirrors this individuality with our bespoke solutions blending seamlessly into the aesthetics. For a store where every touchpoint is an experience, PSP was the silent partner, ensuring that each interaction with the luxurious lounges and cushions are marked by comfort and pristine elegance – the preservation of experience, touch, and moments.

We are honoured to have been part of The Diamond Shop’s journey, contributing to the harmonious blend of diamonds and perfection in Ponsonby.

Explore the brilliance at The Diamond Shop and experience the seamless fusion of elegance and protection.


Premium Surface Protection

PHOTO CREDIT: The Diamond Store + Ruby Jayne

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Really appreciate it, what excellent feedback!”

Imogen Angus | Assistant Manager – KING Auckland