Keeping Up Appearances at The Hotel Britomart

Keeping Up Appearances at The Hotel Britomart

What makes every hotel guest feel like the first?

The Hotel Britomart sits at the centre of a nine-block precinct bustling with the city’s finest dining and shopping on Auckland’s downtown waterfront.

Sustainably designed by Cheshire Architects’ talented Creative Director, Emily Priest, along with the extensive team at Cheshire, including Principals Nat Cheshire and Dajiang Tai, it was the first hotel to be awarded 5 Green Star Design and Build ratings from the NZ Green Building Council.

Every element from the ground up was chosen to meet the criterion, from the hotel’s facade of 150,000 bricks handmade from local clay in Melbourne to cork-soled hotel slippers that can be composted at their end-of-life.

Now, well into its second year of welcoming guests, how does The Hotel Britomart upkeep its interiors sustainably?

Timeless Furnishings
The Cheshire Architects team and much sought-after Seattle-based siblings Suzie and David Lucas, from Lucas Interiors (designers of The Landing Suites within The Hotel Britomart), thoughtfully sourced materials and bespoke furnishings to fulfil each room’s sustainable story.

All furnishings were chosen for their sustainable qualities and timeless aesthetic, which eliminates the need for it to be replaced in a few years for feeling outdated, therefore, reducing landfill and the consumption of resources required to make new ones.


Eco-friendly Fibre Protection
Cleanliness is the single most important requirement for any hotel guest. Fabric protection is an obvious and essential way to provide this, especially in a space designed for use 24/7.

To do this sustainably, Cheshire Architects engaged Premium Surface Protection (PSP), aligned by their choice of extremely effective and environmentally safe and non-toxic products, MicroSeal, Fiber Protector and Fire Defender.

These products were applied as appropriate, to rugs supplied by The Ivy House and nodi, plus many of the drapes, lounges and cushions, to provide a protective barrier that prevents dust, dirt and liquid from penetrating fibres. As a result, the furnishings protected by PSP are easier to clean and maintain, ensuring every hotel guest feels like the first.


Fibre protection PSP NZ - FLOCKHILL
PSP NZ - protecting wool


The Hotel Britomart’s careful consideration of furnishings and use of eco-friendly fibre protectors and fire defenders play a crucial role in reducing their environmental impact, ensuring they continue to lead the way in sustainable hotels.

In fact, fibre-protecting furnishings should be part of every interior’s sustainable story… ultimately one that ends in compost, just like The Hotel Britomart’s cork-soled slippers.

Every hotel guest feels like the first with fibre-protected furnishings.

Premium Surface Protection

Fabric Protector NZ

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Where do I find a professional fabric protector company in NZ?

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