How do I protect my fabric sofa from stains?

Using a fabric protector, also known as a stain guard, as soon as your new lounge or sofa is delivered is a necessary step to ensuring stains do not ruin the look and beauty of your new furnishings.

Additionally, the best fabric protectors will not only protect your sofa from stains, but also from natural wear and tear, sun damage and microbial growths and mites.

In one product application your beautiful sofa will stay looking new for longer, stain free, and you have attended to the wellbeing of your family at the same time.

Our video demo testifies to the peace of mind that stain guard Fiber Protector can provide against the classic spills we all dread!

What sort of stains can I protect my fabric sofa from?

Stain guards MicroSeal & Fiber Protector by premium Surface Protection

Accidents naturally will happen.

The coffee splash, the red wine spill, the smudged in chocolate from little fingers, or a drop of oil from your favourite cheese….. but all these can be simply cleaned up if you have protected your fabric sofa before they happen.

Depending on the spill, you may only need an absorbent paper or chamois because the spill will bead on top of the fibres.

If the spill does sink into the fibres, use the absorbent paper or chamois, and then a spot cleaner like Wonderspot to raise the contaminants to the surface and then blot away. 

Does fabric protector work on any fabric sofa?

We highly recommend using MicroSeal.

Both ourselves and our clients have been blown away by how much it assists with the ease of cleaning and removing stains

Olivia Moon

Managing Director, Nodi Rugs

PSP’s product range work on any fibres –

  • cotton,
  • linen,
  • wool and
  • blends.

They penetrate individual fibres at a molecular level, making them less absorbent to water or oil based spills, and hence cleaning up is a breeze.

How safe is a fabric protector when sprayed on my sofa?

PSP’s product range are the most technologically advanced stain guards in the world.

MicroSeal® and Fiber Protector® are not only exceptional fabric protectors but are also

  • Non toxic
  • Non allergenic
  • Environmentally safe
  • Do not make the fibres discolour
  • Are Woolsafe approved


cleanseal egt

Can I protect my fabric sofa from stains myself, or do I need to hire a Professional Applicator?

If you have small jobs at home or in the office, we have a Online Shop, and Fiber Protector is the product you need.

As a guide, for a basic 2 Seater sofa, you will need 3-5 cans.

If you have several sofas and cushions and would like a Professional Applicator to attend to your premises, then please fill out Request a Quote form – and we will be in touch.

We used the team from Premium Surface Protection under the recommendation from our interior designer,
Brad our applicator, was on time (even early), he explained well how the products will work on various furnishings, and great aftercare advice’ highly recommended.

Amy S

Mount Maunganui