Southern Rail UK Trial Fabric & Carpet Protection

Southern Rail UK Trial Fabric & Carpet Protection


Can a fibre protection product extend the cleanliness and lifespan of public transport fabric seats and carpet? We all know public transport fabric seats and carpet can become stained and dirty very quickly, so will a fibre protection product keep customers satisfied while using the public train system?


Southern Rail faced challenges with their seats and carpets becoming stained and dirty, leading to dissatisfied passengers and escalating cleaning expenses to maintain the expected level of vehicle presentation. The cleanliness of seats and carpets plays a pivotal role in passenger satisfaction, making it a top priority for train operators. However, achieving and preserving a spotless appearance demands considerable time and cost investment.


Unipart Rail enthusiastically endorsed the Fiber ProTector textile protection system as a solution to minimise daily deep cleaning efforts and the related expenses. Multiple trials were conducted, and the cleaning staff received comprehensive training. One of the trials took place at the Southern Selhurst Depot in South London, where Fiber ProTector was expertly applied using a pressure sprayer, ensuring thorough coverage of the seats and carpets in their passenger transport vehicles.

The positive outcomes of these trials paved the way for more efficient and cost-effective maintenance practices.

The process was straight forward and fairly quick with the application to a full carriage only taking approximately 20 minutes.


With Fibre ProTector, spills and stains can be swiftly eliminated from the fabric, preventing permanent staining. This efficient stain resistance makes cleaning quicker and easier, requiring only a damp microfiber cloth and a speedy vacuuming process. As a result, labour time and the need for cleaning products are significantly reduced, leading to a remarkable extension in the lifespan of the fibers and maintaining the fabrics and carpets’ vibrant, “new-like” appearance.

The life of Fiber ProTector for this Southern Rail application is long lasting and will only require to be reapplied every 2-3 years.


Southern Rail are extremely pleased with the performance of the Fiber ProTector product and are implementing the application of Fiber ProTector across their entire fleet.

The following are the outstanding results from the application:

   75% reduction in the amount of chemicals used

   75% quicker cleaning of vehicles during turnaround operations

   50% reduction in deep cleaning time

   Improved efficiency of the cleaning teams

   Improved life of the fabrics

   Improved passenger satisfaction due to the quality of cleanliness in the vehicles

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– Brad Tyrrell, Managing Director

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