PSP Keeps Furnishings in Winning Condition

One of the highlights of being in the fibre and textile protection industry is admiring the work of talented interior designers and architects first-hand.

This was certainly the case when we stepped inside the winning NZ Master Builders House of the Year 2022, to protect the furnishings within.

Premium Surface Protection house of the year_Canterbury_House

The category alone, New Home over 4 Million conveys the grandeur of this 924 sqm estate, with six bedrooms, four bathrooms, three living areas, a bar, a games room, an eight-car garage and a swimming pool complete with changing rooms.

It’s a house that will be lived into the full with its kitchen hub, quiet corners, and multiple dining and entertaining areas. Yet, it’s also one that will be arduous to keep pristine due to its sheer size and the constant activity within.

Premium Surface Protection house of the year_Canterbury_entrance
Premium Surface Protection house of the year_Canterbury_loungeroom

So how can they keep it looking immaculate?

Fortunately, we at Premium Surface Protection were able to prescribe the right protection for every room from floor to ceiling or, should we say rugs to drapes.

It was a notable reminder that we constantly see household furnishings that are overlooked when it comes to protection from daily wear and tear, entertaining, inevitable accidents and fire. So we’ve used this opportunity to compile a checklist of obvious and not-so-obvious items that all benefit from fibre protection including:

  • Leather dining chairs
  • Leather/fabric bar stools
  • Lounges
  • Armchairs
  • Wingback chairs
  • Footstools/poufs
  • Bed headboards
  • Carpets
  • Rugs
  • Cushions
  • Throws
  • Drapes and curtains
  • Outdoor lounges and chairs
  • Daybeds
  • Sunloungers
  • Hammocks
Our work in the Master Builders House of the Year 2022 is done for now, although we’re sure we’ll be back to provide our extended rug cleaning and carpet protection services. Until then, we’re proud of our contribution. It’s a great feeling to walk out the door knowing the owners and their future guests can now enjoy every aspect of their new space without the anxiety of who’s going to knock over that first red wine.

LINK: Master Builders House of the Year
REGION: Canterbury
CATEGORY: New Home over $4 million
BUILDERS: Metzger Builders Ltd Metzger Builders Ltd (MBL)
SUPPLIERS: Rylock Canterbury, Lume Design, O’Neil Architecture
PHOTO CREDITS: Bevan Triebels

Premium Surface Protection house of the year_Canterbury_loungeroom

Fabric Protector NZ

Not all fabric protectors are made equal, effective or safe. Premium Surface Protection products, Fiber ProTector and MicroSeal, are the safest, most effective furniture protection solutions in the world.

Where do I find a professional fabric protector company in NZ?

Premium Surface Protection have a national list of qualified applicators who use Fiber ProTector and MicroSeal protection solutions.
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Hiring a Professional Applicator

If you have small jobs at home or in the office, we have a Online Shop, and Fiber Protector is the product you need. As a guide, for a basic 2 Seater sofa, you will need 3-5 cans.

If you have several sofas, cushions and upholstered dining chairs and would like a Professional Applicator to attend to your premises, then please fill out Request a Quote form – and we will be in touch.

“I’m amazed by the incredible Microseal products and the impeccable service from Brad and his team. There have been a few spills on my protected rug and couch. Both red wine and Café Patron have been easily absorbed by my MicroSeal Chamois Sponge, leaving no trace at all. And with some kind of wizardry (science according to Brad), WonderSpot Spray managed to vanish dried chilli oil from our pale grey couch—incredible.”

Abbey Chapman – Auckland