How to Add an Extra Layer of Comfort Around the Fire

Add an Extra Layer of Comfort Around the Fire

What could be more inviting than a roaring fire?

The sheer presence of a fireplace in any home, holiday house, restaurant or hotel instantly evokes visions of lively gatherings, deep fire-side chats and snug evenings — even before a log’s lit.

The styling around these mesmerising centrepieces brings these vivid moments to life with enticing soft furnishings, rugs and accessories.

Yet, the ultimate fireside comfort is one you can’t see.

The comfort of knowing furnishings are protected with a fire-retardant.

Fire retardants, such as Fire Defender, protect furnishings, people and premises from fire. They also ensure that fabrics meet the New Zealand Building Compliance standard, especially important for commercial properties, rentals, AirBNBs and theatres.

How does it work?
Fire Defender is applied as a liquid solution that dries to form a protective layer. This barrier absorbs heat and releases water vapour, reducing flammability to help to stop the fire in its tracks. While also reducing smoke density.

See how these two rooms dramatically compare, one protected with Fire Defender, and one without, in this short video.

What’s it used for?
Fire Defender can be professionally applied by the Premium Surface Protection Team, to any absorbent textiles including, curtains, lounges, rugs, carpets, cushions, blankets and throws, as well as books and timber. Once dry, the solution ensures the protected items are less likely to ignite, reducing the risk of fire damage while slowing down the spread of the fire.

Where is it used?
Fire retardants aren’t just applied to textiles around fireplaces and fire pits. They can be used anywhere to reduce the risk of fire-related accidents in venues, including schools, theatres & museums, hospitals, clinics & aged care homes, government & commercial office buildings, hotels & convention centres, holiday homes & Airbnbs, residential homes, boats and planes.

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Extra Comfort – Fire Defender is:

  • Made from eco-friendly and non-toxic ingredients
  • Sealed in and can’t be removed by everyday cleaning
  • Colourless and odourless once dry

So, next time you’re planning to curl up by the fire, add the kind of comfort that transcends a cashmere throw and contact Premium Surface Protection about fire-protecting your furnishings.

The ultimate fireside comfort is one you can’t see — Fire Defender

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